The Current
January 7, 2016

If you gave me one word to sum up 2015 I would say “Audience.” There are hundreds of experts in social media, all sharing their experience. One says to post at 8am, the other at 8pm. Monday is the worst day for some, for others Monday is the best day. Every client wants to know […]

Digital Newsletter Options
September 16, 2015

Creating a digital newsletter can be a daunting task at first. You need to understand your audience, have your email list ready, create a strategy and create content. Today we are going to narrow in on a piece to the puzzle by looking at a few email platform options for your next e-newsletter. Keep in […]

What’s in an email?
September 11, 2015

E-newsletters are a great way to build relationships, awareness and ask for a call-to-action. You are able to keep your supporters updated on your successes and have another platform to raise dollars for your cause. More donations are made from an email vs. social media…I know, that is hard to believe. Your message goes to […]

Tell a Story
March 9, 2015

Readers want to be inspired. It’s that simple. Statistics have shown the power of a story for marketing. Reflect on your favorite Super Bowl commercials. The few that come to my mind are the puppy finding his way home, or the farmer that God made. We love the stories, especially the ones we can relate […]

Plan Your Blogs–Editorial Calendars
March 2, 2015

We’ve touched on editorial calendars for your social media, but what about for your blogs? Would an editorial calendar actually benefit you or is it a waste of time? The truth to the matter is…yes, it will benefit you IF you follow it. One of the keys to an editorial calendar is it creates consistency […]

Blog Options for 2015
February 23, 2015

In 2015 we are lucky to have several strong options for blogging. Each with difference pros and cons, but all fairly easy to setup and maintain. Check out these blog platforms. WordPress ( or Strong platform with long-form copy in mind Thousands of templates Easy to use Not ideal for mobile blogging   Blogger […]

Are Blogs Still Important in 2015
February 16, 2015

15 years ago blogging was becoming all the craze. People were sharing their thoughts with blog journals and soon experts were sharing their knowledge in a particular subject. SEO loved blogs due to the content and people loved to follow their favorite blog authors. As social media continued to evolve we had a new way […]

Measuring Social Media
February 9, 2015

You are spending a lot of time on Social Media, but are you monitoring results? Measuring social media should be a huge part of your social media strategy. What were your goals for social media? What was your time-frame for hitting those goals? How will you measure to make sure you are on track and […]

Social Media Options for your Business
January 26, 2015

Last week we learned about the steps to take action and start your social media. You’ve made a commitment to move forward but you still aren’t sure which platforms to focus on. We learned the ideal to start with is 3, but which 3 are best for your business and your audience? Here are a […]

The time to start is now!
January 19, 2015

If you have been pondering the idea of social media for your business or non-profit, 2015 is the year! Social Media will continue to grow and offer multiple resources for your organization and more importantly, your customers/clients. Here are a few things to consider as you begin to prepare for the world of Social Media. […]

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