Digital Newsletter Options
September 16, 2015

Creating a digital newsletter can be a daunting task at first. You need to understand your audience, have your email list ready, create a strategy and create content. Today we are going to narrow in on a piece to the puzzle by looking at a few email platform options for your next e-newsletter. Keep in mind, many platforms offer discounts for non-profits.


A favorite at River Bend, MailChimp is very user-friendly with both template options and customization options. Subscribe forms are easy to add and implement on your website and the analytics provide enough data to track your metrics.

Mailchimp features
MailChimp offers a free option with limitations on subscriber lists and volume of campaigns sent per month.


Constant Contact
A great choice for businesses with strong template options and customization. Largest number of users.

No free option, only 60 day trial


Video is a popular choice for marketing these days as YouTube continues to grow. BombBomb’s main feature from day one has been video. If you plan on sending video messages, or showing product through video…BombBomb might be the best choice for you.  We weren’t as impressed with the templates, most are focused on video. However, you are able to customize with an HTML editor.

No free option

There are numerous options for your E-Newsletter. Set your strategy, understand your customer and choose a platform that best suites your needs.