Plan Your Blogs–Editorial Calendars
March 2, 2015

We’ve touched on editorial calendars for your social media, but what about for your blogs? Would an editorial calendar actually benefit you or is it a waste of time? The truth to the matter is…yes, it will benefit you IF you follow it. One of the keys to an editorial calendar is it creates consistency and a flow for your writing. It gives you a schedule to follow and a strategy to visualize. Here are a few things to consider when creating a blogging editorial calendar.

Understand your audience

  • Who are they?
  • What interests them?
  • What interests them about you?

Who and When

  • Who will take part on the writing team?
  • How often will you post and will it be on specific days?

Create a Theme

  • What content/topics do you want to publish?
  • What themes can create a flow from post to post?
  • What events are in the future and how do they fit on your calendar? Don’t forget Holidays!

Include Social Sharing

  • Give your readers the ability to share, like, tweet, etc.

Begin to write

  • Once you have your editorial calendar, it’s time to write. Write at least 2 blog posts ahead of schedule to keep on track.