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Homepage ERRORS!
June 5, 2014

Clutter Too Wordy No Direction No Call to Action No idea who your user is Creating for the developer, not the user Old Content Design without a purpose

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Drupal | Joomla | WordPress
May 8, 2014

You are in the process of creating a website and wondering which content management tools works best for you. We’ve broken down three (Joomla, Drupal and WordPress) to help with your decision. Drupal Developer-friendly tool for building more complex sites. Pros Capable of producing more advanced sites with complex data Powerful tools for tags, categories, […]

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Return Visitors
February 9, 2014

You’ve launched your first website!  Now you need visitors to engage in your site and to keep coming back.  This means you need to post fresh and relevant content to your site so you catch your visitors interest.  Know who you are trying to attract, create a strategy for content.   Here are a few more […]

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Common Web Design Mistakes
June 1, 2013

Try and stay away from these common web design mistakes! Not understanding your target audience Getting Flashy and Cluttered No Clear Call to Action! Outdated content Not having a brand Linking a social media profile that isn’t used

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Web Design for 2013
January 31, 2013

Web Design is changing!  Today you hear buzz words around mobile, responsive design, user experience, SEO, analytics, etc.  With things constantly changing, here are a few things to keep in mind for the latest trends in Web Design! Mobile…Mobile…Mobile Today having a site that is mobile is as important as a website at all. Keep […]

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Thinking About A Website?
May 26, 2012

Purpose Understanding your goals is the most important step when launching a website. Regardless if your goal is online sales, advertisement or just keeping in touch… knowing the direction you are taking your site will create a solid, user friendly experience for your users. You may have multiple purposes for the site. However, keep your […]

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Web Content
April 30, 2012

Think about your favorite websites… why do you continue to return and scan the pages? Typically its due to the content on the pages. The tips or information you were looking for are easily found across the pages. The content is unique, interesting and well-written. The information is up to date and easy to navigate […]

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Top 10 Factors for SEO Placement
December 31, 2011

Keywords in your Page Title/Browser Window Anchor Text of inbound links How incoming links describe your page. Global Link Popularity of your Site How many websites are linking to your site, each link is a vote! Quality over quantity – keep quality links to your site. Age of Site The older the site, the better.  […]

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What do website colors really mean?
April 18, 2011

When thinking of your website and how you want it to look in terms of color… always keep in mind how the eye perceives certain colors.   Some create a physical reaction, others are a cultural reaction and some are just following the current trends.  Think about what colors complement each other and set the mood […]