What’s in an email?
September 11, 2015

E-newsletters are a great way to build relationships, awareness and ask for a call-to-action. You are able to keep your supporters updated on your successes and have another platform to raise dollars for your cause. More donations are made from an email vs. social media…I know, that is hard to believe. Your message goes to your supporters inbox until they decide to delete it, glance at it, read it and/or act on it. So just how do you get your supporters to read your e-newsletter?

Every e-newsletter should:

  • be personable
  • be relevant
  • celebrate success
  • inspire
  • include a clear and easy call-to-action (donate, volunteer, share)

Show your supporters how important they are to the cause by offering them a next step (your call-to-action)!

Include content that engages your supporters:

  • stories
  • behind the scenes
  • photos with people or people (writers)
  • what’s the future holds
  • a next step (yes, this is your call-to-action)

Keep your e-newsletter:

  • mostly text with a few photos
  • 250-500 words
  • within the 5 second rule (if your reader had 5 seconds to view your e-newsletter, could they describe what it was about)

More to come on e-newsletters this month

  • What’s in a title–email subjects for success
  • Platform options
  • Measuring e-newsletters